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Episode 1: Let’s Catch Up -Signature Scent Search

Episode 1: Let’s Catch Up -Signature Scent Search

My personal thoughts on Good Girl, Oui & I Want Choo.

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I was so excited after I recorded this I forgot to record as intro so here it is.

Hi, I’m Danielle and this is the 1 Piece At A Time podcast and this is Episode 1 for Mission 1: Find a Signature Scent.

If you’re curious about this mission and want to know more check out the signature scent dossier.

In today’s episode I’m going to be catching you up by reviewing fragrances I’ve been trying in search of my signature scent and let you know if it’s worth being a part of the fragrance wardrobe I’m curating.

As a reminder my fragrance wardrobe will consist of:

  • 1 warm weather daytime perfume

  • 1 warm weather evening perfume

  • 1 cold weather daytime perfume

  • 1 cold weather evening perfume

In my head that breaks down to fragrances for spring & summer and fragrances for fall and winter.

I have a few more episodes like this coming up really soon so if you are looking for fragrances to try or curious to know what I love and what I’m not quite loving do go ahead and subscribe. Thank you!

Do you have a signature scent? Are you looking for one? What are you your recommendations?

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