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1 Piece At A Time Podcast Trailer

1 Piece At A Time Podcast Trailer

What? A podcast too?!

Yes this substack will also include podcast episodes where we dive deeper into each mission. There are some topics that would result in super long newsletters so I thought it would be better to present such content using audio.

First up is what a catch-up on my Signature Scent mission. I re-dedicated myself to finding a signature scent during the pandemic and I want to share my thoughts on 12 fragrances and let you know if any of them are worthy of being part of my fragrance wardrobe.

If you’re wondering what is a fragrance wardrobe check out the “Mission 1: Find A Signature Scent” issue and you’ll be caught up to this point.

Be on the lookout for the first episode coming very soon. And to be sure that you don’t miss anything go ahead and subscribe.

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