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Episode 2: Let’s Catch Up! Auditioning Nest for Signature Scent

Episode 2: Let’s Catch Up! Auditioning Nest for Signature Scent

Reviews of Nest New York Perfume Oils are up next!
Nest New York Perfume Oils, Rollerballs, 6ml | 0.2 fl oz. $35.00 nestnewyork.com

Next up in today’s episode I’m reviewing 5 of the 6 Nest New York perfume oils. One thing I neglected to share in the episode is my opinions on the rollerballs as opposed to the full size bottles with the droppers.

So the performance of the rollerballs vary. Some of the them work just fine and some just don’t disperse enough product or any product and seem to not be able to roll which is a little frustrating. But for those that have stubborn rollerballs I just keep rolling it to get the rollerball moving. Is it enough of a problem to prevent me from recommending these? No. All in all I think they are great fragrances and are great value for $35.00.

Click to listen to my thoughts the South Pacific Sandalwood, Indian Jasmine, Seville Orange, Madagascar Vanilla & Turkish Rose perfumes and find out if any of them are worthy of being a fragrance in my fragrance wardrobe.

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